About Us

Meet Kelley
Owner + Executive Event Planner
Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting our website and seeing if we are the right fit for you. My name is Kelley, I am the proud Owner of A La Carte Events! I lead a team of talented young professional woman: Noelle, Laniya, Jenna, and Tara; who help me plan and execute events through New England and New York.

I am a philanthropist at heart and genuinely loved starting my career in the non-profit sector. I started a non-profit in college for pancreatic cancer research and just prior to graduation I was hired to help start a new chapter of Easter Seals in Fairfield County, CT. It was a very involved role and I gained a lot of experience and responsibilities quickly and at a very young age – in fact, at 25 I became a manager of not only the CT Development (fundraising and events) team but also some members of the New York City team and team members in Albany & Rochester. After about 4 years and a lot of unique experiences I sought greater opportunities and more travel through work. For the next 4 years I worked at a prestigious cancer research organization – The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) – and I absolutely loved it! I was an Endurance Events Manager and got to work with athletes, and patients or their families members and teach people how to fundraise, motivate them to exceed their goals, and plan out the week or weekend of these international endurance events for our teams (like IRONMAN Lake Placid, London Marathon, Chicago Marathon, etc.). While at the MMRF I helped raise millions of dollars for cancer research, event plan, and travel – my total trifecta! While in this role I helped develop an international hiking/trekking program for patients, oncologist, researchers, and primary caregivers called Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma and it is hands down one the things I will always be most proud of. As a part of the program I got to trek Mt. Kilimanjaro as well as to Everest Base Camp alongside my team members and patients – both significantly rewarding experiences and something I draw from when perspective and motivation is needed in life. 

Four life changing years passed and during that time my now husband, Gregory, and I had been dating long distance for some time and I had that burning gut feeling that I really wanted to pursue my dream of owning my own event planning business. The feeling grew stronger and stroner – so I took the ultimate double-whammy leap of faith and I moved from Connecticut to Long Island to be with Gregory and started my business – A La Carte Events! I am so grateful I had so much love + support from my partner, family, and friends to take the risk and go out on my own. I love what I am doing and I am so excited to use my career and life experiences to build a successful business and help so many young couples and families.

My philosophy is that events, and weddings in particular, should be unique and personalized to the couple – as if it’s a “coming out party” for their love story and not a repeat, cookie-cutter version of someone else’s day. I take great pride in offering curated support to my clients so that they can focus on each other and their beloved guests throughout their weekend and truly start their marriage off on the right foot. And nothing makes me happier than being able to execute someone’s vision and making it a reality.

Fun Facts: When not working I love to be outside and exploring! Gregory and I love visiting new-to-us scenic spots, restaurants, farm stands, hiking trails, etc. throughout Connecticut and New England. I had a CoVid-inspired “micro farm” of fruits and veggies in 2020 that I am rather proud of and I enjoy going for walks with my husband and our rescue dog, Geronimo around our area in Black Rock, CT.
I love fancy champagne, a great glass of wine or a blood-orange margarita. If the question is ever: Pizza, tacos, or ice cream – the answer is always YES! I firmly believe there is nothing better than great music and dancing barefoot in the kitchen. Our little fur family (our dog  – Geronimo, and our cat – Palmer (Paul)) are my pride + joy. And my husband is genuinely my soul mate; I met him on the bus in 3rd grade and am so grateful our lives reconnected in our 20s. He taught me what it actually felt like to be loved and important …and how to change the oil in my truck!
Traveling is important to Gregory and I and we seek places off the beaten path – our most unforgettable trip has to be when we went to Phuket, Thailand but it is tied with when Gregory proposed on Marthas Vineyard at a secret preserve in 2018. More recently we’ve gotten into road trips (thanks CoVid!) and drove cross country in November 2020 and will be van-camping along the Pacific Northwest this past summer!
My number one goal in life is to be happy, so I try to keep that front of mind and always be growing intrapersonally. After that it is to visit all 50 states!